A business is a system for making and keeping promises:

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Building your business system starts with understanding the true value you deliver to the people who buy from you.

We call this your Promise of Value, and in it we capture everything that makes your business unique and brilliant.   And it’s always bigger, better and deeper than you think it is.

Then we find a Metaphor that captures the heart and soul of your relationship with your customers.

The result is a set of words and phrases you can use to explain how your business is remarkable, and against which you can judge everything you do.

You can find our Promise of Value here

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With your Promise of Value and Metaphor clearly articulated, we help you to design the best ways to deliver on that Promise to satisfy the needs your customers have now.

We help you to design what you do for your customers and how you do it, so that the packages are easy for the right people to buy at the right price.

We find that the most common result of this exercise is that businesses simplify their offering; and at the same time find that their customers are willing to pay them more.

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This process is what most people would call your marketing and sales process - how you show up wherever the people you wish to serve will find you; how you present your Promise so that the right people will 'get' what you are about and want to go further, and how you help those people to decide whether or not you are the means to the end they seek.

The result is a tap that you can control - turning it up or down in line with your desire for growth and your capacity to deliver.   Everything we produce together is recorded in your own Marketing Playbook so you can carry on by yourself if you want to.

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How you keep your Promise once a customer has bought from you is unique to every business – even those in the same industry.   This is what creates delight and loyalty in the people you serve.   This is what makes your business remarkable.

We take that remarkableness and use it to design a system that is structured around the experience you want your customers to have and that supports and empowers your people to lead the delivery of that experience on behalf of everyone who works in the business.

The result is a business you can rely on to keep the promises you make - even when you are not there.

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The world changes, technology changes, customer needs change, and that means your business system will need to change too.

We help you build continuous improvement into your business system, so that it can evolve, but always stay true to your Promise and to the people you seek to serve.

The result is a business that will last much longer than you, but which will have you in its DNA forever.

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