Grow Free

You're a decent, fair-minded, customer focused entrepreneur.   You’ve put your heart and soul into building a successful, profitable business that does things differently. You provide regular work for a team of people and you’re turning over a respectable sum each year, but you haven’t hit the £1,000,000 mark yet.

You aren’t one of the gazelles that VCs or banks are interested in. You aren’t one of the startups who can be given the fairly minimal and standard support that governments are willing to give. You’re frankly a bit taken for granted. You deliver great service doing things people need, but you feel a little unloved.

You know that there are huge opportunities out there for your business—that you could get significantly bigger and more profitable—if only you could take them.

You don’t feel you can take these opportunities because you’re already overloaded, and you don’t know you can trust your people to be able to deliver without your supervision, or intervention.

On top of this, you’re approaching retirement, or you’ve just started a family, or you’re simply feeling tired. You can’t put the energy into your business that’s needed to grow it.

What is it you want for your business?

Work with us to find strengths you didn’t know you had. Strengths you didn’t know your team had. Discover ways to re-engineer what you’re doing every day to save time and money.

Get bigger. Become more profitable.

Free your people to serve your clients the way they are eager to do. Gain the respect you know you deserve. At the same time, you’ll learn how to take time off from your business too.

Help us to help you Grow Free.